• Presentations and Panels


    Screenshot or It Didn't Happen
    Ignite Chicago, November 2010
    I gave a necessarily brief presentation about games, game mechanics, and the impacts of gamification of businesses and sites without thinking about game design at an Ignite Chicago event. The rules are 20 slides in 5 minutes, so it isn't exactly in depth but hopefully it is entertaining. Video is here.
    It's Not Just a Job. It's a Way of Life
    Morningstar's Tech Talk Series, September 2010
    I was asked by Morningstar to share my experiences in 13 years of working at startups. The abstract for the talk:

    The pace of change and advancement in technology and business is accelerating at an ever increasing pace and startups are often on the edge of that process, pushing it forward and incorporating new understanding as quickly as possible. Recent developments have provided a common language and some formalization for the processes that successful startups have refined over time to find and execute successful businesses, revealing that in many ways a startup is an "agile" business process. In this discussion we'll take a look at these recent developments and what it means to be an agile business. We'll also discuss how startups typically operate in ways that differ from more traditional businesses, how that impacts product and technology development, and how non-startups can leverage some of the more advantageous aspects of "agile" businesses. The slides are available, as is a video.

    Open Source, Startups, and Universities
    Processing.Android, October 2010
    I was asked to sit on a panel/round table discussion with Casey Reas, Ben Fry, and representives from the University of Illinois at Chicago to close the Processing.Android conference. The topic was a very loose and free flowing conversation about the role of open source in projects and product development, startups, and universities. The conference agenda is available, as is a video of the discussion.
    How Everyday Technology Has Changed Industries
    ClaimForce Executive Claim Conference, March, 2008
    I was asked to deliver this presentation about the market and technology forces that led to the founding and success of Orbitz for a conference attended by ClaimForce's current and potential clients. ClaimForce provides a aggregation and disintermediation service to its customers in the insurance space that is similar to the service Orbitz provided in the travel space. By drawing parallels between the evolution of the travel industry and the evolution of the insurance industry, as well as the impact of the social web, I was able to help ClaimForce's current and future clients see this new reality as an opportunity rather than a threat. You can download the slides.
    Evoltuion of Open Source Software at Orbitz
    JBoss Open Source Conference 2005, Chicago, IL
    I authored and delivered this presentation with Chuck Clark, Orbitz's Director of Platform Architecture, to a conference hosted by JBoss. JBoss was interested in having companies that were successful in implementing large-scale open source solutions discuss their experiences in an effort to persuade more large-scale enterprises to try open source themselves. We discussed our use of Java, Jini, Linux, JBoss, Python, R, and tools and libraries too numerous to list. The presentation sparked a lively Q&A session as well as post-conference discussions about enterprise class open source. You can download the slides.
    Conference Re-cap Interview
    TravDex 2005, Dallas, TX
    I was selected as a TravDex conference wrap-up interview, discussing the news of the week, how it would impact traditional travel agencies, on-line travel agencies, Global Distribution Systems, and suppliers. Conversation focused on the industry response to Supplier Link, "super PNR" efforts, and other advances in travel technology and services.
    Jini Network Technology-Enabled Service-Oriented Architecture -- A Low-Cost Alternative to Enterprise JavaBeans Architecture
    JavaOne, June, 2004, San Francisco, CA
    I authored and delivered this presentation with Steve Hoffman, Orbitz' most experienced developer at the time. Our goal was to demonstrate that Jini was a viable, and in many ways superior, distributed networking framework for Java applications. The talk was very well attended and received, and based on follow ups we succeeded in getting other organizations to consider Jini-based solutions. You can download the slides.
    Are You Open to Open Source?
    InformationWeek Fall Conference, September 2003, Tucson, AZ
    Participated in a panel discussing open source software in the enterprise, benefits, risks, and migration strategies. A description of the conference and the session can be found on InformationWeek's site about the 2003 conference.
    The Corporate/Leisure Blur
    TravDex 2002, Dallas, TX
    Sat on a panel with other travel executives to discuss low-cost and direct-to-traveler business travel products for the "lightly managed" market segment. This was the first public appearance where Orbitz' Supplier Link technology was discussed and that was a primary focus of the conversation.